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Scratch Massive - Make It High
Basteroid - Rabimmel
Northern Lite - Treat Me Better
Peter Katafalk - Down & Out
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NOFU005 :: Scratch Massive - Make It High
Scratch Massive are Sebastien Chenut and Maud Geffay. Born in the West of France, they eventually and inevitably gravitated towards Paris armed only with their love of the Velvets and Bowie and all things electronic ,and the hopes and dreams of the young, foolish and beautiful.
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NOFU004 :: Basteroid - Rabimmel
Booked for this year's Sonar festival and already a firm favorite with Sven Väth, who included Rabimmel on his lastest Cocoon CD, Bateroid serves up a slice of bleepy, nonchalent drug music that sounds like a key hole at a Berlin sex party. Its dark, its nasty and the Metope mix on the B-side takes things even trippier with more squelch on the kick drum and a noise that sounds like a Clanger dying. Bonkers in jack boots.
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NOFU003 :: Northern Lite - Treat Me Better
Treat me Better by German chap Northern Lite first appeared back in 2003 on the all-conquering City Rockers label. But amidst the explosion of talent that was blowing out of Rockers HQ at the time, this little gem seemed to get overlooked. Now that the dust has settled, it's back for another bite at the discotheque cherry, with the hypnotic, mournful, Joy Division-esque original and the nu-rave glories of Treat me Harder now joined by a sparkling electro house version from Get Physical's Voltique boys.
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